In addition to the talks on 4 June, we will have posters presented during the day:

  1. Laurence Bénichou (MNHN), Koen Martens (RBINS), Graham Higley     (NHM), Isabelle Gérard (RMCA), Steven Dessein (NBGB), Daphné Duin - EJT: European Journal of Taxonomy
  2. Stijn Cooleman, Patricia Mergen, Michel Louette (RMCA) - Afrotropical bird content digitization at the RMCA: via LifeDesk to EOL 
  3. Martin Kalfatovic (SIL) - The Global Biodiversity Heritage Library: A Global Picture of Taxonomic Literature
  4. Agnes Kirchhoff (BGBM) - Saving endangered Biodiversity Data - the reBiND Project 
  5. Jiri Frank (NMP) - OpenUp!
  6. Constance Rinaldo (MCZ), Bianca Crowley     (SIL), Boris Jacob     (RMCA) - Biodiversity Heritage Library: Supporting Research with Open Content 
  7. Vohland, K., Marquard, E., Paulsch, C., Heink, U., Häuser, C. L. - Mediating the science-policy dialogue at different scales
  8. TDWG - Biodiversity Information Standards

more ideas to be confirmed and posted

BHL-Europe will have some posters on display as well:
  1. The Biodiversity Heritage Library for Europe
  2. The GRIB – A Union Catalogue of and Scanning Management Tool for Natural History Libraries
  3. BLE - BHL-Europe’s Virtual Exhibition 
  4. Biodiversity Literature in Europeana
  5. BHL-Europe - Ancient knowledge in a new dress